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Malik Deenar Public School
Highly competent and experienced faculty
Multi media aided classes
Demonstration oriented science learning
Continuous assessment and timely evaluation
Practical exposure to students through seminars and discussion
Self assessing and renewing system of learning
Attractive approach to language learning
learning by doing : Project/ Assignment / Activities / GD
Breakfast show
professional interface
Multimedia Aided Class Rooms  
We are the pioneers in Kerala in installing multimedia systems in the classes.
It ensures the quality of education by empowering the teachers and making the teaching learning process interesting and meaningful. The complexities of mathematical, scientific and special concepts become a joyful experience. It motivates the outstanding students to explore their creativities by extra learning and the weak students have the clarity of concepts even in the case of difficult topic.
Science Laboratory
Our science laboratory is unique having a store cum demonstration hall. The worktable, provided with gas, electricity and water enables the teacher to demonstrate the experiments effectively.
The library provides a vast collection of titles on various branches of knowledge, journals,periodicals, magazines, audio/video, CD ROMs, carefully selected; Offering direct access to all students is another attraction of school.
Audio Visual Room
Our A.V.Room is well equipped with a 29” colour T.V, Computer,O.H.P, Slide Projector, animated CD ROMs and P.A system with all accessories
Computer Lab
With a view to innovate the faculty and to develop the aptitude of the IT among students we have provided an exclusive computer lab
Sports and Games
A wide range of sports activities are offered and everyone is welcome to take part. Out door games include football, cricket, basketball, kho kho, kabadi and badminton
Cultural and religious festivals are held to bring together students of diverse cultures to appreciate the human values and work ethic common to all faiths
Morning Assembly
Opportunities are offered to students to expose various leadership quality during morning assembly, prayer, pledge, news reading, singing, patriotic songs etc. are held under house system in rotation. It is a platform where students are nurtured with value points and life sustaining moral tips. Important days, week, form an integral part of the morning assembly
Extra Curricular Activities
Harnessing the skills if students by focusing on the development of their individually is an important part of the extra curricular activities. Students get ample opportunities to let out their creative energy and develop skills through sporting events, debates competitions, depending on their aptitude and interests.
Manuscript magazines are brought out by each class. School magazine comprising the articles and works selected from class magazines, including various achievements of the school is also released.

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